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sorry for the delay in posting about our trip to california but we’ve been a little busy lately writing new tunes and regrouping after our Southpaw gig.  and now we have our Bowery Electric takeover to look forward to on May 18.  but about LA…

the trip came at a time when the four of us definitely needed to get out of nyc so the gorgeous California sunshine that greeted us when we got off the plane was excellent.  we made haste to pick up our rental car and get lunch at In n out burger, which if you didn’t know, is a well known fast food establishment that can turn your food into “animal” versions of itself.  i’ll leave it to you to look up what that means.

we had a day before the Musexpo so we treated ourselves to a Dodger’s game.  the Dodgers did not win, but we had a great time nonetheless.  we learned that Andrew V really likes to do the wave.

the next day we hit the stage at Musexpo and all went well.  SIR studios is just 100% professional and everything was smooth as butter.  Our first west coast show was made up of mostly older Mischief Maker stuff (can I call it older? too soon?) and from what we could tell the room was completely packed.  not a bad way to start off in LA.

the rest of our short time there was spent going to 80s hair metal shows, hanging out in swank hotels that we didn’t belong in, and being sung happy birthday by a tambourine playing man in an Obama mask. 

we also spent a ton of time listening to really cool music so here is a playlist with some of it.  starts in one place and ends up in another.

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