A Farewell and a Thank You

Hey everyone

Sorry we’ve been so quiet for so long. As some people might know, or suspected, A Million Years has gone on indefinite hiatus.

We want to post this message to thank everyone that supported us. When we think about what made A Million Years something special, we think about the unbelievable supporters that stood with us every step of the way. Some of the most exciting and memorable things that have ever happened to us as musicians and as individuals were enabled by you guys.

As for the members of A Million Years, none of us have decided to quit music, nor do we feel like A Million Years is dead and gone. Each one of us came to our own conclusion that we needed to pursue other things at the moment.  Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing us each again some time, some day.  For now, it’s on to the next thing…

-Keith, Andrew, Nick


Remember last week’s debut of our ‘Minutes of Fame’ video?  Well here is the making of.  Bill Moldt put a lot of time and effort into this and he has compressed all 2 and a half weeks of work into a solid 3 minutes for our viewing pleasure.  

Bill says that in these three minutes you will see him wear virtually every article of clothing he owns.  


and don’t forget that you can watch the original video here.


Hey everyone.  Here is our very first music video ever.  It was directed by Bill Moldt of AWAREHEAD Films, who painstakingly put together every single frame of it with his own two hands.

It’s being debuted to the world courtesy of Heavy Roc Music and we’re very grateful to everyone who has helped make this possible.

Please share this on Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr and show the world our first music video


New single ‘Minutes of Fame’ Released Today!

Today we are so thrilled.  We’ve released our brand new single ‘Minutes of Fame’ as an exclusive download through The Wild Honey Pie.  We’re extremely excited about this and the upcoming Pianos show that they’re sponsoring!

The album cover for this single was created by NatalieAnn Rich (who was also responsible for our Mischief Maker cover).

Minutes of Fame was produced by Shannon Ferguson at Serious Business Music, NYC.

So, if you want to download the track the only place to do is here.  Go get it!


Tonight at Trash Bar

Hello friends.  We’re going to be playing tonight at Trash Bar in Williamsburg.  Our set time is 9pm and we’d just love to see you.  

your pals,

- A Million Years


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